Why Scaffoldings ?

Scaffolding is a temporary innovative structure made out of higher grades of Aluminium, used to support people working at height. Scaffolding not only provides safety but also provides a large size platform, on which the technician or worker can work ergonomically without causing fatigue to his body while working at height, ensuring maximum productivity at world class safety standards.

West Coast Rentals provides Scaffolding on rentals/sales basis for taking engineers, workers, technicians to working sites located at any height. These Scaffolding provide a sense of complete security to the worker working at massive heights, by providing a huge Works platform with guide rails to work from. Facilitated with Easy navigation by means of a ladder or staircase, these Scaffolding helps engineers to carry their heavy duty equipments and gears to their Works Platform installed at any height.

Scaffoldings for Workers Safety and Avoiding Workplace Accidents

Operating with a Mission, "To bring world class industrial safety equipments and gears to India", West Coast Rentals offers Scaffolding for working at any height. Scaffolding provides easy navigation to the subjected height by using ladders or staricase mounted inside the Scaffolding roll cage for maximum security. Working Platforms are guarded with guide rails made out of high grade Aluminium.

Designed for portability, Scaffolding provides you flexibility of installation, it can be erected anywhere indoors or outdoors easily by two persons. Say 'No' to hanging from buildings and other dangerous practises with working at height. With introduction of Scaffoldings there has been a steep decline in falling from height site accidents.

Scaffoldings for Easy Access to Difficult Working Sites

Customising your Scaffolding enables it for application at near to impossible to reach working sites like stairs, crowded office, home interiors etc.

Scaffolding Additions like CANTILEVER and TOWER add new application dimensions to West Coast Rentals Scaffoldings. With CANTILEVER, you get an extra-extension of working platform to reach in any direction, making you reach where a normal Scaffolding won't reach. With CANTILEVER reaching to areas like roof mounted antena, window panes of concrete bordered windows etc. On the otherhand, TOWER addition makes it possible to have a long extended Works Platform for jobs like Painting, Large scale Wall Works, Advertising applications etc.

Scaffoldings for Higher Productivity and Quality jobs
Workers and Workplace safety is the most primary concern for any industrial, commercial or domestic job. Poor levels of Workstation and Workers safety not only affect quality of a job, it's also responsible for a poor job productivity.

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With West Coast Rentals, you get assurance for your engineers and workers safety at world class standards. With sense of complete workstation security, an individual performs at optimum level.

West Coast Rentals offered Scaffolding solutions enables an engineer/worker/technician to bring all his gears and equipments at working site located at any height, till before workers required to hang themselves from buildings through strings or climbing bamboo strutures, which never allowed them to carry heavy duty, higher Productivity yielding power driven tools and devices with them. With Scaffolding, now a worker gets all his devices placed near him on robust Works Platform.

With easy navigations and customisable Works Platforms size, now even Engineers/Seniors can be live instructing site-force like technicians/electricians/workers while job executions, minimising errors and recorrection tasks constantly leading to benchmarking Productivity Figures.


Flexibility of West Coast Rentals offered Scaffoldings with Additions maximises site access for high quality jobs. CANTILEVER and TOWER Additions brings more and more individuals and space for tools and gears onboard at any height for high precision jobs.

TOWER Addition makes it possibile to access the entire section on site at any height at once with massively extended Works Platform. For artist community, advertising industry, Indoor/Outdoors installations works at height West Coast Rentals have become a favourite Custom Scaffolding renting destination in Gujarat, India.

These companies are now providing more safety and better working conditions to their workers with us