Scaffolding Addition : TOWER

Youngman Scaffoldings are compatible with TOWER Additions to make you work on large areas via a huge works platform at application working sites. A TOWER is an extending platform installed to Youngman Scaffoldings erected in a special configuration at the application site.

They facilitate engineers to access sites with stairs, facilitated by a huge works platform for extended sites applications, without compromising with the safety and ergonomics. TOWER Additions can contain a team of more than 30 peoples with heavy engineering tools and gears. It is ideal for temporarily building massive onroad entrance gates for advertising purposes or a stand to hold massive hoardings and banners.

  • Compatible with Staircase Scaffoldings
  • For use with double width Scaffolding
  • Robust Built Platform for stability
  • 5 ft. to 100 ft. configurable Works Platform
  • Weight capacity upto 4 tonnes
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